To purchase images from the OVLHA Horse show:

1. visit this album link to view unedited proofs
2. take note of your favourite Image File numbers
3. email with the image file numbers and specify which payment package you would like from the options below
4. After receiving an email confirmation and payment has been made, please wait 2 business days for your final edited images
Payment Packages

1 edited photo for $15
(+$15 per photo after)
3 edited photos for $35
(+$11 per photo after)
5 edited photos for $50
(+$10 per photo after)
10 edited photos for $90
(+$9 per photo after)
15 edited photos for $120
(+$8 per photo after)
20 Edited photos for $135
(+$7 per photo after)
25 edited photos for $140
(+$6 per photo after)
30 Edited photos for $150
(+$5 per photo after)
For example:
If you choose over 30 images, it will be $150 + $5 for every photo after.
So, if you chose 31 photos total, the final price would be $155.

Please e-transfer the payment and allow for 2 business days to receive the final edited, unwatermarked images that you selected.
If this is your first time working with me, Leave me a facebook review for 10% off your purchase!
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